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The Early Years Foundation Stage in Practice

The Early Years Foundation Stage in Practice
ISBN: 9781907241253
Liz Wilcock
60 pages
Price: £19.99


This book will ensure that you know the changes to the EYFS framework, coming into force in September 2012. It gives you practical help and guidance on how to implement the changes and the requirements of the EYFS and will be of particular use to managers and practitioners in early years settings where the EYFS is delivered.


This revised guide explains what each of the key elements of the new framework means in practice, and includes examples of how the areas of learning and development have been reorganised and can be covered for each group.


The EYFS in practice comes in a format that is highly accessible to help you find what you need to know about the new guidance as easily as possible.


About the author


Liz Wilcock is an early years educational consultant and writer specialising in training early years practitioners to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage. She lives in Berkshire and runs training courses around the country.




"This is an Early Years Foundation Stage guide that is jargon-free and accessible to use. Laid out comprehensibly for ease of use, practitioners will find this a useful tool in helping to implement the revised framework. You could read it from cover to cover, or just dip in and out when you need to, for the relevant information you need in a timely way."

Martine Horvath, EYE magazine, February 2013


"Liz Wilcock inspires confidence in the changes to the EYFS in a no nonsense, easy to understand way which reassures staff."

Tigers Nurseries and Training Centre.


"This book is an essential for undergraduate students."

Vicki Silver, Senior Lecturer, Chester.


"The Early Years Foundation Stage in Practice provides an effective overview of the EYFS curriculum. It is particularly useful for students who are studying Early Years Childhood and are unfamiliar with th EYFS."

Sandra Lyndon, Senior Lecturer, University of Chichester.


"This book has helped my students in understanding why planning is important and how we can link planning to our practice ... offering useful advice. I have used parts of the written explanations to points linked to specific unit criteria eg level 2 - introduction to Early Years Educator, Unit 6 - Enabling Environments."

Siobhan Grieve, Lecturer, Highlands College, Jersey.


"This is a great book for students to refer to and understand the workings of the EYFS for when they go into placements."

Jenny Ibbs, Early Years Lecturer, Farnborough College of Technology.