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The EYFS Inspection in Practice

The EYFS Inspection in Practice
ISBN: 9781909101043
Jenny Barber, Sharon Paul-Smith
48 pages
Price: £18.99
  • Up-to-date guidance to reflect the 2013 Ofsted grading system.
  • The only nuts and bolts guide to the early years Ofsted inspection.
  • Includes a step-by-step guide to completing the revised self Evaluation Form
  • Previous editions have sold thousands of copies throughout the UK. Practitioners know that an inspection can happen at any time, making this book a great help for managing inspections with connfidence.


This edition of The EYFS Inspection in Practice now includes the 2013 changes to Ofsted inspection gradings and outcomes of early years settings, making it one of the most up-to-date guides available for practitioners. This guide offers all those working in the early years a wealth of up-to-date advice to enable them to pass their inspection with flying colours. It includes tried and tested methods for improving reflective practice and techniques to show to Ofsted inspectors that the EYFS is working in their setting effectively and efficiently.


About the Authors


Jenny Barber is a specialist early years and childcare trainer, and delivers training for local authorities across the country on delivering the EYFS and preparing for an Ofsted Inspection. Sharon Paul-Smith works as a Quality Improvement Mentor for Buckinghamshire Early Years. Both authors write frequently for EYE magazine and are based in the Milton Keynes area.




"A valuable tool for inspection .. and very helpful in completing our nursery SEF,"

Kathryn Coombes, Nursery Manager, Welsh Lane Day Nursery, Buckingham.


"A clear and well written supportive book to help settings through the inspection process. Sections are methodically placed with appropriate reflective questions that all practitioners within the setting can be involved in answering"

Sue Davies, Senior Lecturer, Guildford College.


"A very informative book which is clearly laid out. This is especially valuable for managers of early years settings and sections of it can be used by them for staff training purposes." 

Rachelle Pole, Centre Director, Hopwood Hall College.


"A very useful text for L6 students, many of whom will be working in practice in the near future. This text is a brilliant guide for them."

Cathryn Keighley, Associate Principal Lecturer, Leeds Trinity University.


"A very useful resource which has been added to the reading list for units 11 and 13 for the level 3 students. Particularly useful was the set of reflective practice questions which the students have been encouraged to use to reflect on their practice in placement."

Gillian Ellis, Lecturer, Cheadle College.