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How Children Learn - Book 2: An Overview of Theories on Childrens Literacy, Linguistics and Intelligence


An introduction to the key ideas that have shaped modern education from the author of How Children Learn.

This sequel to the best-selling How Children learn gives an overview of the major questions in educational theory such as:

  • How children acquire language

  • How children learn to read and write, and what the best way to teach this is

  • The meaning of creativity, and whether this can be 'taught'

  • What intelligence means, and whether this can be assessed

Covering a wide range of theorists this book focusses on how ideas have evolved over time as ideas have been challenged and how some ideas, such as phonics, have come back into favour in modern education.

As with all titles in the series the book is easy to use and be dipped into easily for students looking to focus on a particular area. All ideas come with criticisms of the theory, as well as suggestions for further reading.

Amongst others, this book covers the following theorists and theories:

  • Aristotle

  • Behaviourism

  • Roger Brown

  • Jerome Bruner

  • Cyril Burt

  • Noam Chomsky

  • Marie Clay

  • Confucius

  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

  • Charles Darwin

  • John Dewey

  • Sigmund Freud

  • Francis Galton

  • Howard Gardnet

  • Joy Paul Guilford

  • Margaret McMillan

  • Maria Montessori

  • Jean Piaget

  • Ken Robinson

  • Carl Rogers

  • Edouard Seguin

  • Burrhus Skinner

  • Socrates

  • Charles Spearman

  • Rudolf Steiner

  • Lev Vygotsky

  • Gordon Wells

About the author

Linda Pound is an early years consultant, trainer and writer who has been head of a nursery school, an LA inspector and university lecturer, running both foundation and honours degree programmes on early childhood studies. She is also involved in post-graduate courses including the EYPS and NPQICL at London Metropolitan University.

ISBN: 9781904575375