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Sensory Play: Play in The EYFS

This revised edition draws upon current research findings and observations, to present an informative and practical guide to maximising children's sensory play opportunities.

Includes chapters on:

  • why sensory play is important, with links to theoretical perspectives
    different types of sensory play (messy play, play with water, play with sand, treasure baskets)

  • sensory play activities for babies, toddlers and older children

  • using sensory play with children with Special Educational Needs

  • how these play opportunities link to the revised 2012 EYFS

  • how adults can support children's learning through the senses

Illustrations, diagrams, and case studies are used throughout this title to bring sensory play to life. This book is a valuable tool in delivering curriculum outcomes in a wide variety of settings.

About the author

Sue Gascoyne is an Educational Consultant, and provides training and workshops both nationally and internationally. Sue is the lead on three UK-based research projects on sensory play and has published work in a range of early years journals.

ISBN: 9781909280304